purple butterfly on yellow background

slow burning metamorphosis

during my time in WRIT 105WC Writing Web Content, I had the opportunity to write a personal essay on any topic — it just had to be presented on a website. i chose to write on my self-love journey, particularly through the lens of body dysmorphia. this is a piece that is particularly meaningful to me because it allowed me to share one of my greatest personal struggles while trying to design it in a way that fit the tone of the story.

illustration by artist Kiyomi Morrison

the model minority mirror

during my time as a fellow in the Raab Writing Fellows Program ↗ at UCSB, I created a website to house my writing on the model minority myth and Asian American identity. along with background research and a discussion of my own experience with the model minority myth, i interviewed four other young Asian Americans from different backgrounds, honing in on how different generational statuses impact the felt effects of the model minority myth.

simple illustration of broken bone on green background

white and grey breaks

this is a personal narrative written for WRIT 105C Writing Creative Nonfiction. in it, i draw parallels between two times in my life when i experienced a break: once when i broke my arm and once when i felt heartbreak. this essay particularly showcases my descriptive writing and command of language.

Her Campus logo

Her Campus UCSB

throughout my first two years of college, i wrote for Her Campus UCSB ↗ as an Editorial Intern. i published multiple articles encompassing different topics, some personal and some social commentary, with some other themes sprinkled in between. this experience gave me the opportunity to hone my writing skills and explore different styles of writing. some of my favorites are this one ↗ and this one ↗. you can find my entire profile linked below.

ServiceNow Citizen Developers Program graphic


over summer 2021, i interned at ServiceNow ↗ as a Marketing Intern on the Employee Communications team. my largest project was to take the lead on one of our employee stories, highlighting how employees at ServiceNow are taking our product and using it to improve the way they work. the story involved a video, which i helped produce through storyboarding out my vision and idea, as well as writing accompanying copy to go on the company blog.

UCSB Sustainability logo

UCSB Sustainability

while working as a Communications and Outreach Intern for UCSB Sustainability ↗, i wrote multiple articles about various sustainability initiatives occurring on campus and in our community for our quarterly newsletters. through this, i developed my editorial writing skills. this piece discusses a university-wide initiative to develop a framework for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ)-centered climate resilience planning.