about me

a picture of me at the Brooklyn Bridge

who is connie yoon, exactly?

i'll start with the facts. i'm a 20-something-year-old girl (she/her/hers), born and raised in California. i just finished up my undergraduate stint at UC Santa Barbara ↗, where i studied Communication ↗ with a minor in Multimedia Writing ↗. come August, i'll be working as a Marketing Associate at ServiceNow ↗.

beyond those basics, i'm still trying to figure things out myself. as people, we're constantly growing and changing. it's one of my favorite things about life. i used to lie awake at night in turmoil about who i wanted to be. i'll be honest, identity crises are still a norm — but lately, i find myself leaning more into uncertainty. what's so great about labels anyways?

there are, however, a few things i'm sure about. i've always valued the power of expression, critical thinking, knowledge, and empathy. i'm constantly pushing myself to grow in all of these aspects and as i continue my journey of self-discovery, i hope to do work that embodies these values. currently, i'm finding that in marketing and communications. who knows where i'll go next?